Student Reflections 10-18

Today in girls U.N.I.T.E. we are talking about how we are going to make money for other girls can go to school and get their education also we wont boy and girls both to get a education to go to school so they wont have to get married at a certain time so thats it for the day 10-18-12 . Janadya

Today is the 4th week in Girls U.N.I.T.E.I learned about the 4 advocacy strategies, donation letter emails,flyers,videos,and the WOW!The 5 w’s are who,what,when,where,and why.And the 1 h;how.-Wareena

Today in girls unite we made flayers about how we would get the money for the grils in keyna.we also played a game where we made paper chains and linked them togher.that was my day. Love Danielle

Who? My Who Is Kenya girls and Kenya girls Don’t have avantages Yeah Hmhh Feeling Bad but yet You Cry Unstead ofHelp Get off your Butt And Help Them Now I love my Education and im Sure they would love one to But the Cant do You Know What I Want to be When I Grow up is A Modeland Actrist yeah I Got it Furgired out and girls in Kenya doto and They want to Be a housewife Cause that’s The Only thing they know how to do Because Guys Are More Important and Girls Are Weak Im Tried of Hearingi Cryed in that Commereial or I Feel Baad For Them but you still Complain about Goin to School everyday Quite Because if you Didn’t have an education you would Complain as Well Quite Be Thankful don’t Complain Now Bye Samantha Girls U.N.I.T.E

Today,I learned that we all connect in certain ways which one of them is we all want to help out with girls in Kenya. So they all can go to school and learn something new like people in durham do because girls need respect which girls need respect by going to school so when there kids need help with math and there husband aren’t there they can help out and know what to do in all types of subjects. Donique

Today on 10,18,2012 we do aflyrs abow the girl;s in Kenya how some of the girl’s in Kenya go to school or what some girl’s who do not go to school and a game abow I do no know or I got a ? abow how do the girl know what to do. Micah

Hey its zyon again I know you were expecting me . today we learned a lot more we did flryers that we are going to hang up for yall to see i would realy love for you to donate I think that it is important to let all girls get an education cua se every one want to learn something new.but you would be intrestedin wat we did I’ll tell you next time. Zyon

It is the 4th week of girls unite and I am connected to girls unite in a special way because I feel like I can relate to what the girls in Kenya are feeling.because you know how sometimes you want some candy but you can have any,so the school and the education is the girls candy but they can’t have any.i just want them to feel like I do with a great education. Camryn

Girls unite we worked on our 2 advocacy stratigies. One of the things we did was we did our donation letter emails, for homework we have to fine 5 email addresses to send the donation letter email to. We also did our flyers zyon wareena and I created an awesome flyer to help raise Kenya money. All the other flyers created by the other groups also had interesting facts about Kenya on theres to. Spread the Peace and love. Markisha 10/18/2012

10/18/12 I liked everything it was so fun and awesome we are starting to think about the donations trying to get people to make a difference for Kenya so they would be able to afford school for there children and not just one the boy goes to school and not the girl or the parents not having a lot of money for one child the girl or the boy. And I don’t think its fair that giirleys in AMERICA get to go to school but in KENYA THEY DON’T . I think that is so rudeee. But other than that I had fun today. Amaya

Today we talked about we are going to do to raise money.we also talked about who,what,where,when,why,and how were going to use them in our fundraisers.we also made our own example of flyers on t he flyers are pictures of children in Africa.123 GIRLS U.N.I.T.E gotta go!!!!!! Mykale

I liked everything we did today because I learned new things and I think we are getting somewhere. Nana

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