Student Reflections 11-8

Hi zyon here  again we have started  collecting donations and  we only hhave $100 and or our goal is $40000-$500. We are passing out flyers and blogging as you see we are also emailing so if you need more information go  to we would love to give at least 3 girls we can send to school right now but wee need more we are posting a poem to so look at that we worked hard on it. We have to use team work to work on this video but my honest opinion im not realling agreeing with anything but its not about me its about girs in Kenya and I shouldn’t be selfish well bye

It’s the end of the day and we are going post our videos in about 2-3 weeks ande and my…partner have done a documentery. We have great pictures and I  got to help out with the video. We wrote some comments about Kenya or the pictures well goodbye  

camryn - we are rasing money because the girls real need a to go to school so to help the we are passing out flyers,making videos,and emailing people.that is something that everyone should help out with to make life in Kenya easier.there is something for everyone to do to help.if people would stop being so special.

Samantha - In Girls U.N.I.T.E we are writing donation letters,passing out flyers, making videos,and doing our WOW presentation to reach our fundraising goal.   We all need to work together to raise money so we can get to our fundraising goal,which is 400 are making personal connections about our life and the girls in Kenya’s life.


012 we emall some woman and man abow girl’s u.n.l.t.e so we can help girl in Kenya so girl’s can go to school and we makea vies for you so you can know abow girl’s u.n.i.t.e..    the game help us so we know abw21.          

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